Pyrolysis Technology

Pyro equals heat, lysis equals breakdown into parts. Pyrolysis is chemical reaction that large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules. The simplest example of pyrolysis: cooking is a pyrolysis process that complex food molecules are broken down into smaller and easily digestible molecules.

Waste plastic and tire are long chain molecules or polymer hydrocarbons. Pyrolysis technology is the chemical process of breaking down large molecules of waste plastic/tire into smaller molecules of oil, gas and carbon black. Pyrolysis of waste plastic or tire takes place in absence of oxygen, at about 230℃-280℃ and the reaction time is about 15-45 minutes.

Pyrolysis Technology

The following contents are the unique advantages of Huayin waste tire & plastic pyrolysis technology:

  • Air lock raw material feeding system with nitrogen purging: to prevent oxygen entering into reactor.
  • Lower reaction temperature of 230℃-280℃: Lower operating cost, increased safety and reduced maintenance
  • 2 step energy recovery system: to ensure energy efficiency of more than 90%.
  • Energy self sufficient machinery: ensures more profits to investor & no external fuel for heating required during normal operations
  • Innovative catalyst combination: to ensure maximum yield of oil, stable reaction process
  • Safe and automatic pyrolysis gas handling system: Excess gas can be used to run electricity generator or can be supplied to furnace.
  • Effective Scrubbing system: to ensure that emissions are well below limits prescribed by environmental authorities.
  • Multiple layers of safety: to prevent machinery damage or health hazards.
  • Operational pressure of less than 300mmWC along with automatic and reliable safety release system: to ensure negligible risk of fire or pressure related hazards.
  • Reactor manufactured of stainless steel & reactor heating by hot air: to ensure long life of reactor
  • Breakthrough pyrolysis oil refining technology: ensures high quality of pyrolysis oil
  • Low reaction time (15 to 45 minutes): ensures higher processing capacity and higher profits
  • Continuous process: Low manpower required, negligible maintenance/cleaning downtime
  • Environment friendly process design: no harmful effect to environment

We have proven technology for pyrolysis of waste plastic and tires. At Huayin Systems, our engineers dedicate constant efforts to improve machinery design and technology for pyrolysis of waste plastic and tire.